“What Wright and Balmer have done here is akin to genius. They turn creativity into destruction, the muse into the dealer, and provide, perhaps, a cautionary tale to artists who feel bereft of inspiration.” - The Comics Bulletin

“Incredible. Delves into the reality of writer’s block and brings it to terrifying life.” - Kurtis J. Wiebe, writer of Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust

“Wright’s first comic is brilliant, a raw and honest piece brought to life with Balmer’s savage and intuitive art. -Valerie D'Orazio

“If you’re the kind of reader who, after experiencing one of Grant Morrison’s more 'out there' writings, say 'You know, I need something even more weird' try TYRANNY OF THE MUSE.” - Aintitcool News

“Balmer and Wright do fly together... For their first collaboration, they are a talented pair with a lot of promise.” -Newsarama

"Dark, surreal and almost suffocatingly bleak, I found myself drawn into disturbing nature of the story, like a car crash you just can’t tear your eyes away from.   And I’m definitely planning on picking up the next issue to see just how the relationship between Bonnie and Frank plays out now that he has received his latest “inspiration fix”. -Big Comic Page

"Wright is playing with a clever and disturbing metaphor, juxtaposing the self-destructive nature of an addict with the often self-destructive nature of an artist within the creative process." - Printed Matters

"For fans of outside-the-box indie comics of Dash Shaw, Charles Burns, Peter Bagge and Robert Crumb, the artwork has an uncomfortable tension of a fever dream on the realm of the subconscious." - Forces of Geek