Creativity can be ugly. It can be messy. And for writer Frank Fisher, it can be  downright destructive. TYRANNY OF THE MUSE, an original graphic novel by creator/writer Eddie Wright (Korsakoff Blight, Regular Show) and illustrator Dave Chisholm (Instrumental) is a darkly comic, offbeat mystery about a struggling artist, a  complicated muse, and the addictive power of ideas.

As Frank Fisher attempts to complete a semi-autobiographical screenplay, he  meets a mysterious muse named Bonnie who offers assistance by injecting actual seeds of inspiration directly into his brain through a festering wound in  his forehead. As the drug takes hold, Frank and Bonnie embark on a surreal and strangely romantic journey through the creative process as they search for meaning, answers, and try to make sense out of a story that could change  their lives forever.

In the spirit of Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Charlie Kaufman, and Philip K.  Dick, TYRANNY OF THE MUSE is a graphic novel that explores the origins of art, the self-destructive nature of artists, and the search for meaning in a world  of chaos.

Five issues of an earlier version of the TYRANNY OF THE  MUSE comic were previously published digitally by Study Group Comics and  Alternative Comics. And a small limited run was printed for convention appearances. A new graphic novel is being partially re-drawn, re-edited, and  expanded with all new original material.

Nice things

“Incredible. Delves into the reality of writer’s block and brings it to terrifying life.” - Kurtis J. Wiebe, creator of Rat Queens

“...brilliant, a raw and honest piece... -Valerie D'Orazio

"In short, Eddie Wright’s futuristic take on a very prevalent, modern-day affliction is ambitious and promising..." - ComiXology

“If you’re the kind of reader who, after experiencing one of Grant Morrison’s more 'out there' writings, say 'You know, I need something even more weird' try TYRANNY OF THE MUSE.” - Aintitcool News

"Wright is playing with a clever and disturbing metaphor, juxtaposing the self-destructive nature of an addict with the often self-destructive nature of an artist within the creative process." - Printed Matters

“...akin to genius. They turn creativity into destruction, the muse into the dealer, and provide, perhaps, a cautionary tale to artists who feel bereft of inspiration.” - The Comics Bulletin