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"Broken Bulbs is a brilliant and stunningly original work, by far the best novel I read in 2008."

Alternative Reel

“It’s gritty, it’s ugly, it’s brazenly experimental in both form and style, it’s allegorical, it’s satirical, it’s as darkly engrossing as staring at someone’s disfiguring wounds, and yet it also manages to be profoundly cathartic.”

Moxie Mezcal

"…this is by far the best self-published book I read last year. One of THE best books I read all year, including the mainstream stuff. An existentialist’s dream, the author has dug in deep and laid bare the raw emotion so candidly that we can actually feel the futility, the desperation, and the humour."

POD People

…as authentic as they come, experimental without trying to be intentionally obscure, dark without making you doubt humanity, smart and energetic. In short, it’s great writing.”

"it’s about obsession, self-negation, love, even God ("The Everything"), making Broken Bulbs an entirely unique take on a subject. It’s a science fictional, hard-boiled, poetic vision of drug addiction and hamsters (read it!) A great addition to a genre that has never existed before.”

Self-publishing Review

"someone better make this into a fucking movie."

K.I. Hope, Author of hector

"“Eddie Wright is an artist with a vivid imagination, a weird, Pythonesque sense of humor and a daring attitude."

Gint Aras, Author of, Finding the Moon in Sugar

"The characters revolted me and made me gag in some parts. Awesome!"

The Book Journal

"All hail to Eddie!"

Ginnetta Corelli, author of The Lost Episodes of Beatie Scareli via Beatie’s Journal

"…disturbing and humorous, horrific and eccentric… a fine specimen of what insanely inventive gems would be overlooked were it not for the fine world of independent publishing."

Bookish Mom

"…the kind of read that will leave you thinking about its message and implications long after you’ve finished it."


"…this slim volume is the bastard child of Memento and William S Burroughs, absolutely not for the faint of heart nor for anyone seeking a nice, simple beach read.”

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

"…it is strangely complex and fascinating. The real inspiration here is the gifted writer, Eddie Wright, and his unique style of writing."

Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews

"…the absolute perfect spot-on portrait of the mind of an addict.” “The first chapter alone is a nauseating churn of short choppy staccato sentences, random thoughts and actions, that read like beat poetry at a slam.” “The whole thing is filled with crazy quips and one liners worthy of a high lighter so you can memorize and use them later."

The LL Book Review

"…a confusing whiplash of a ride."

Red Adept’s Kindle Book Review Blog

"…every single word and phrase was methodically placed to perfection to share Frank’s bizarre and desperate world. It’s a bit poetic, sometimes disturbing and challenging as each carefully placed phrase fits into the puzzle of Broken Bulbs. On a bookshelf, I’d sandwich it between Sartre and Denis Johnson."

Holly Christine, author of The Nine Lives of Clemenza and Retail Ready

"It is dark, twisted, gory, cringe-worthy, but most of all, fascinating. It is, I think, a story that speaks to anyone struggling to make something of themselves."

Quills and Zebras


Broken Bulbs was included on the CCLaP’s list of 2009’s Best Experiemental Novels

"Who knew that the twisted surrealist William S. Burroughs would end up leaving such a pervasive cultural legacy by the time the 2000s rolled around? Known formally as "body horror," this subgenre of his invention largely consists of stream-of-consciousness fever dreams that often poetically examine such squeamish topics as addiction and mutilation; and one of the best stories of this type I read in 2009 was Eddie Wright’s Broken Bulbs, even more remarkable in that this is Wright’s literary debut as well. A potent cocktail of equal parts David Lynch and Eli Roth, this slim book is not for the faint of heart; but those who like their coffee strong will highly enjoy this look at a drug which literally increases the creative potential of a human brain (or a “chemical muse” as its users call it), and the toll it takes on a hapless B-writer who becomes addicted to it. A great choice for those who are fans of early David Cronenberg, and I’m looking forward now to more from this talented newcomer.”



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