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The Psycho Killer Down the Street, Part 1

I wrote this when I was in the 5th grade.



Me - 5th grade me

Psycho Killer Down the Street - Bad guy


One day I was hanging around like I always do and I was listening to a big fight from the house down the street. This guy lives there, nobody really sees him but I seen him a few times. His face is all scarred up like someone smashed his face through a hundred plates of glass. My friends have never seen him. They think it’s just a cranky old man, but I know he’s some kind nut. My friends always say I’m wasting my time watching this guy’s house but I’ve dealt with people like this before. My friends dared me to go up to the house so I did cuz I always take a dare. As soon as I walked up to the guy’s porch my friends ran away laughing. The guy’s house had dead bushes everywhere. I knocked on the door and a cut up hand missing 2 fingers grabbed me by my throat and pulled me inside. As soon as I was inside the guy threw me against the wall then ran upstairs and dove out a closed window. I ran out the door and chased him down the street. He took out a gun and fired two shots at me. Luckily he missed. He ran to Main Street and he shot someone off a motorcycle and stole it. I saw another one on the side of the street so I borrowed it. I got on and started chasing him. He shot my tire and I crashed through someone’s house. I was almost mortally wounded. I got up and took a steak knife out of their kitchen and threw it as hard as I could at his tire and it popped his tire and he slid down a hill into a manhole. I ran and jumped into the manhole. He slapped me in the face and took out a multi-colored knife. I was in a strife. He hit my head against the sewer wall. Suddenly water started pouring onto us. I was really bleeding. He sliced my face and arm, I kicked him in the face. Then he threw me against the wall. I had to get him! I jumped on the ground and pulled the gun out of his holster and shot him in the back, he’s dead. Another save of the town. Here comes the cops. The reinforcements came a little late.

The End?