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Sina Grace returns to slice-of-life roots with a new collection of autobiographical strips 

Image Comics has announced today that they will be publishing writer/ artist Sina Grace’s collection of autobiographical strips for April’s self-contained and self-referential, Self-Obsessed. The oversized one-shot marks the first time that over a decade’s worth of Grace’s comics will be seen in print.

After spending 2013 touring the successful and blood-soaked Burn the Orphanage series, Grace opted to take a moment to revisit the sandbox where fan-favorite Li’l Depressed Boy and critically adored Not My Bag reside. Originally packaged as a digital exclusive, Self-Obsessed expands on the themes explored in Grace’s previous work and goes deeper: “I feel like I’ve been teetering between mainstream and indie,” confessed Grace. “Self-Obsessed is a fun middle ground for the fans who love my slice-of-life stories like Not My Bag, and for the readers who got behind the raucous romp that is Burn the Orphanage. Plus—how fun are convenient one-shots jam-packed with quirky insights?” With delights culled from dozens of sketchbooks, and years of rare strips, the 40 page one-shot will also include several new stories that bridge show how an artist who was trapped in retail hell became one of Image Comics’ fledgling creators.

SELF-OBSESSED explores the brain of a cartoonist who is hilariously confused about many things in life: love, work, frenemies… with one exception: Sina Grace’s devotion to comics.

SELF-OBSESSED arrives in stores on 4/2, and will be available for $3.99.  It can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code: FEB140508.