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Pitchfork: Are you someone who writes songs by making demos or recording things as you go?

TW: If you are recording, you are recording. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a demo or a temporary vocal. The drama around even sitting in the car and singing into a tape recorder that’s as big as your hand— waiting until it’s very quiet, doing your thing, and then playing it back and hoping you like it— is the same basic anatomy as when you’re in the recording studio, really. Sometimes it’s better that way because some of the pressure is off and you can pretend it’s throwaway.

It’s like what they say about Chinese food: All this preparation and it’s gone in a half an hour. How do you think the people in the kitchen feel? Then you got the dishes. But there are dishes that go along with every project. Now, I’m not in the studio dancing around or writing songs, having fun. I’m doing the dishes.

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