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BROKEN BULBS Cut-Up 7: A Fifth Mom

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Mcwick grabs another notebook fifteen years ago

a fifth mom.

but, he’s just a boy. the troubling.

dusty’s you as soon as we get to my my pool in my backyard. to be turned beet-red. I grew troubling.

dusty’s me!

he said he needs me for another class as he turns the page. notebook on the desk.

mrs. confident.

dusty’s parents grabbed me by my throat and me!

she lowers the book and throat.

mrs. mcwick.

like I my nose. I opened my eyes in a off!



dusty blood-red fangs. I grew black and hit my head against the myself up and grabbed him by other.

mrs. mcwick.

he dusty.

he took a bottle of leader. the kids in his class three-inch nails. I started giggles.


ahhhhhh, a voice, it must’ve been god. down the hill. he jumped at me me read a sample from his later.

the class is empty. looks worried.

cut broke into a cold sweat. my thump! satan’s body fell. his continued in my new series. I held on to the door. I pulled dusty’s composition the air and gave me a kiss. I suddenly. I started shaking. I they’re riveted. mrs. mcwick little prick. I’m gonna kill bulging out with muscles and my the ambulance started rolling mcwick.

is everything okay at mcwick.

very eyes turned yellow, my pupils grade class sits in small class. the pony flew through over and flipped off a cliff. I written by a girl in dusty’s from her desk.

mrs. looks on concerned.

he’s very, very creative. the and saw three butterflies. tripped over a first-aid kit the stomach and punched him in mom.

that’s nice.

mrs. fade in.

int. classroom - home?

dusty’s parents of the ambulance into neutral. parents.

dusty’s farm!’ I had to do something. dusty’s father wears a military small desks. dusty’s parents. and cut part of his ear a blue light surrounded me and uniform and thick standard it?

mrs. mcwick places the her. then we went to the park composition notebook. great adventure. should I puts on her glasses and looks next to her. 11-year-old dusty jolt. then the guy said, you huge wings out of my back. dusty’s father and he mom

but it’s not very good. is and hit the shift in the front got black. I awoke sitting in newest story for you.

she a man and woman sit in the dusty.

I grabbed a scalpel on her desk. she’s holding through a window and threw me notebook.

mrs. looks to dusty’s the notebook.

mrs. other.

 fade to black. mom


why he screamed, you jerk, I’ll issue glasses. mrs. mcwick sits will follow him, no matter what uncomfortably clears his at the notebook. dusty’s sits at a desk in the front. class erupts into applause. said, he’s very creative. but he does. he’s very popular. and looked into my eyes, closely. smile.

mrs. mcwick.

and desks. a teacher, mrs. mcwick I accept. suddenly, everything other kids must.

mrs. mom.


she looks to soul was possessed inside troubling?

mrs.mcwick let clothes ripped off. I grew two but what? 

he looks up the dusty is elated. mrs. mcwick choose to accept it will be my he’s very you can see why I find this prepared to die when suddenly, the throat and said, if I’m have to stop satan and hell interesting.

dusty’s the face. he pushed me and I are.

she flips through suddenly the ambulance flipped from taking over earth. I said.



dusty then then, we ate ten pounds of ice hugged her and told her I loved out. he thought I was dead but awkwardly look at each dashboard. he smashed me stories that he writes cream and took a parents uneasily look at each the flames of hell!

the mcwick.

this is from a story mcwick.

but, they’re also quite stands and reads from a nap.


dusty’s most challenging ever. I would I was taken to heaven. I heard going. you’re coming with mcwick

dusty is a natural to.

classroom. kill you now!

I kicked him in smelling salts and put it under.


New one soon.