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BROKEN BULBS Cut-Up 6: My Mountain Was Made of Problem?

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Her face, occasionally. 

when bonnie first these things.



nothing. said. blood, sweat kiss her back.  

I can’t shake it. not so short, does dissolved and I ran the brains, in that jump into nothing overlook all the shit the sweet juices sick.

a copper just eating this fruit I am nothing again. get. they show me what the fear, the fear of they never these other worlds, clearly annoyed. I chain around her neck. this somethingness yet freckles about the with what’s been eyes, the small scar these trees grow and feel right.

“nothing ceiling for a gives me this gift. with my head in a remember. bonnie them and bite them and say?”

“I don’t know.” nothing. when you that celebrity rag. are happy. 

but how intently though I know fucking waste! I’ve nothing heart dangling from just have to keep where could it go on something and I happy. she said I ever hide. she can turning pages graze my wait for her when she I’ve got this man. dream and my head in something I’ve never nothing to be. see. without them, sinister grin and it strange. I’ve never thigh.


no without the seeds. even stronger than the me the seed and I piss be doing this. I don’t fucking words on a to other worlds and that monitor. it 

it’s dying was supposed to do only me. I can’t get it’s made into a them as bonnie’s 20’s, not so tall and nothingness. 

in glimpse into a life of these other worlds, we same.


“the worlds. bonnie’s been on her forehead. I felt it? nothingness the information is drying. I could feel shakes her like that millisecond shrinking huh?”

“I page.”

everything is feel the world index finger. as she crack across the one


I’ve supposed to go now? hair and I imagine ever will but I want and press our bodies and removes a tabloid next to me. put your system. I could feel same from her. 

in to be poisoned. and blood that’s ready to bonnie repeats more every single one. and of somethingness. the nothing.

no one, and letting the good these other worlds, I fruit tastes without dissipating like twisting, turning, dusty is bad.

I’m I was fast. I said I says.

how can got nothing again. and feel about these hopes, broken dreams she said I looked magazine. “now…” she she wants my soul things are ready to me healthy and making blind. drunk.


cuz smile. she likes it. I ask.

she lowers the don’t even bother even think about realize that the without bonnie. they dream. I spend my time while.

but they never come 

she said the seed can access and judge how I feel about her. burn in my thighs. a I said. “make them felt alive. I felt going on…” she when bonnie leaves me everywhere I’ve been. ear and run through my 

she said okay and and soul and balls and know she’s letting me quite as horrifying as nothing quite like pride pile on top of when it’s done? what first seed went in, it stares at me. it that’s a problem, pages and smiles, “at turned on. her mouth says while reaching frank…” bonnie says all dreaming. and all first thing was realize that you’ve that she knows that I where? 

“I don’t you saying me, of course.”

and I’ve got these things do you want me to somethingness. I want the sky. I want to screen looks like a mine. in these other into her nostrils, vomit. I’ve got this it won’t go away. manufacturer. I was can’t create? I spend careless. it’s fucking strong. the fear is don’t know. you tell nothing.

no and on and on…

she to me. it looks like tearing. from the gut mountain of hope that 

I told her it peels open the cover, meager brain activity. and sits indian-style with my own hands. I nearly flinches into a experienced? how can I plants these seeds and supposed to be a know what about it. I didn’t be alive.  I want to that I take care of know.

where’s it activity that bonnie I know that the ones I in my head. she plants me strong and making my head against the even know where to 

no one

nothing they taste wrong. they on the floor, staring somethingness inside laps around the track each other to form I don’t even know what bandaged forehead, my die. sometimes I take laps. literally. my mountain was made of problem?

her eyes between us is somethingness is access even the most it is. how can crave wanted a new one. I this time fantasizing. think that she thinks you?

bonnie sighs you can climb to they never come somethingness to eat imagine not traveling crave what I’ve never supposed to sell them it felt like a good of them are poison and it. bonnie’s ready. sighs, so what are smiles. “got any cramp in my side. a head here…” she says it’s nothing until one

I want to be what the fuck am I slides off the bed and you plummet right like poison. they bed. she pulls it down aggravated.


she alone, I’m alone. I’m bonnie is mine. in fear is just too unrealistic thoughts lips and the downloading. I know about this. I know observe the subtle looked right. she said finger. and I want the be something.

no again.

bonnie takes these other worlds, feel the slight know. the connection real quick?

bonnie turns the page I can sounds like evil. it needed a new one. tastes familiar. it this fear grows. out twisting and turning dreaming. bonnie gives been standing on false go?

“oh frank!” got this creature. feeling again. I just sweat dripping from my to gather it in my she reads the words I’ve never seen it? and attack and you are not nothing. fly. these things are it!

I lift my head 

fade in:

int. blah blah! I am don’t know, frank.

 for her bag on the homes. bonnie’s the knees. guess.

she checks floor. I feel doing writing a shouting, “I’m a fall to the ground and each other and we somethingness, do I do then?”

“I dreaming means all let them die. the and creativity and my stomach and making me.” she replies.  and gently licks her “nothing.”

so, can something else and I head. 

“it doesn’t know.”


what that I think that worlds. bonnie knows a long drag, “that the only way to really was just the when I come home. in bile. I’ve got this snot. I look at the set them free. 

“and that’s what I new one.”

bonnie worlds, bonnie wants she knows I was just her watch, it’s down imagine how good the fingers on a sunday right idea. it felt wasting my 

in twenty minutes, I says. 

I stare at blood moving though my nothing. dreams are me to be hers. she worlds. I slip into something. I crave said I should think she’s not thinking don’t know.

I don’t I didn’t even think again.

what’s the to old people. it new one, she gives me somethingness is when nowhere

the nowhere fucking amazing. the bonnie kisses me. in me. I’ve got this said I looked great. are ready to go. these potential, into a life shakes it this pain. I’ve got would be a goldmine ready to pour out of screenplay is nothing. do it. only she can cheeks. as I stare, I unevenness of her I’m saying, movie. it’s just fruits of creativity let fall. the ones I gal selling them on bonnie wants to be other worlds, in these thing.

the thing is plants these beautiful lap.

“hang on…” she page.

"what happens ask."

she pauses and likes knowing I care. them out. only she can think I’m supposed to my face.

“but you window’s really nothing. I’m the worst new places as the I like her. but when we are happy, we the kind of nothing it’s like. they help ones die and rot away. know is if I taste bed surrounded by the this one, this new one it away. it’s just have to go…”

go about it. I said I we laugh. we put our ever taking a bite. that matters, because I do exactly as she undeniable. she brings cracks in her chapped how can I know how it noticing the hairs and sometimes I imagine happy. 

bonnie knows suction of the got these words. I’ve hate dusty!

oh mouth and spit it into drift into other needed a new one. that wants to be just-sprouting pimples come when I need them. we are happy. 

in everything, but the for the rest of my ones that change to be unleashed. I’ve booze?


“let’s I—”

“…and on and on patting her order it moves. just words on a head.”

“what?” I sing. and we are yourself.

“I’m needed a new one. bonnie…“

“just do her head and her head anyway.”

“I need a bonnie knows how I boring now.”

“frank…” back into the middle expressing with my life. I was like I found what I you just load me up ready to go. bonnie’s existence. 

"but franky-boy. I’m wanted the rush again." said

“I fucking wants me to belong to said.” 

thud - I drop everything to me. but feels when I’ve never afternoon as we lie in dangling from the got this beauty ready to be plucked but I built a birdhouse. kind of nothing. I’m her it felt wrong. “she were onto something, stuff?” I ask.

“I for me.”

“frank, you these other worlds, come.”

they never laughs at me. the the feel of the cool she’s reading known. I crave this opinion and every true are potentially a remember. there’s even ten now.

what the goopy, toxic stuff something…blah blah the glossy pages of tastes like everything potential. the seeds placed in front of me. know she’s one.

she said they sometimes I just just wanted the taste like pain. so I seeds show me. bonnie taste bad. they taste for me. I’ve got these stare. sometimes I at my bedroom ceiling lungsful of smoke into let die may be the are potentially bonnie! 

“why? you these other worlds, I it’s worse than you what I’m thinking.” air entering and  I don’t know why my but that’s just didn’t work. I told know she’s letting me it’s all a choice. I could be dangerous. that clouds your me. I want the branches just waiting brain activity. brain she can access every shows me. the seeds last six have been flowing inside my what it was. something nothing like new now?

bonnie is fear of never trying bullshit! I am me happy. sometimes I body chugging with leash. bonnie’s got it take off our clothes the bad things talk about things and got this nonsense. dump it. she gives me machine-like rhythm, and idiotic, these trees almost all loaded me up I ran we are happy.  and is filled with got this beast. I’ve laughs at me. it the rest. she said slipping away. I could bonnie’s got them on a bonnie.

“tell me this ugliness. I’ve nothing. dreams are got it. bonnie knows from the soul. hated birdhouses and I dump it. I ask for a rest it in her can I do?” 

I don’t of all that shit and the corner. the seeds me see. she helps me “…stare.”

“at what?” just told me to do it she likes knowing sometimes. sometimes I comes home. in these bonnie’s been to these there’s also nothing up all the last six have been the then?

you know what steam. I felt real. I what’s gonna happen. believe her. I just seeds and shows me flashing fucker again. nothing!

the seeds habit-forming. she when thoughts and go on when I don’t her. she wants my serious.

“what’s won’t try any. I’ll bridge of her nose and inspires me and I get exiting my lungs, the time.”


“cuz a these other worlds, with this dusty there’s nothing like nothingness.”

but I instead I let them these fruits grow and seeds grow beautiful to like twelve…

maybe trees with endless ideas. there’s nothing against each other and running but that’s was down. legs pain in my ankle. I beautiful things and I mouths wherever we under her chin and the and feeling right and just look at the tree. let them fall. and and honestly, it felt give me what I can’t think this is meant can I be happy when I dusty.


“so? I spend this time alone and with that feelings and dreams continues.”

“how can I swallow it.” I want bonnie said.

I didn’t think what I think. I there’s nothing I can a new one I get on passing through. I miserable. bonnie weak.

“frank, you feels right, frank.” and tearing. I’ve got spill. from the gut. being happy where I am life. but in these wrapped around her them.

"sometimes I take poison is so strong and whatever,” I said. nothingness. I want to single one I am going bonnie’s real.

but seen it. I doubt I these seeds. she without her, I’m if I taste every I’ve got this shit. things. these things inspiration. she said other worlds, we hold idea. it felt like the I think you.

“can’t sounds like a she likes knowing that disrespectful. it’s before.

bonnie leans that comes when you downloading process. touch each other and at my old high school. her hand to her mouth she loads me up. she tiny traces of dried something else. I know with a shake of her clutched. face in to so badly. I want to is evil. it hates me. been here drift into birdhouse screenplay?

you’re she’s processing. I bonnie waits for me said I needed a new they’re ready to fight nothing!

and I’ve want. we whisper. we taste in my mouth. a never come when it’s of all the fruits on and I spend the time super-villain. it something but has with my head in a nonsense, bonnie. it’s ready to run. 

but get in and blows two beautiful birdhouse,”dreaming as well. it’s.


like the other worlds none of feeling I’ll ever feel nothing nothing drink coffee and we are maps to the stars’ disinterest.

but it’s such the inevitable fall she said they could be I’ll let them die. and best kind of nothing.

nothing that sometimes, I body, resting inside inspiration. there’s that’s the free. 

I felt I can see her beyond nothing!



New one soon.