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Broken Bulbs Cut-Up 5: dusty reaches for the everywhere

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and watches the hamster as smash from the other room see a hamster 

cage. he gets up to of the 

movie almost drown out the 

followed by a series of freddy 

krueger hangs on the wall. breaking and a scream followed by 

his attention back to the hamster floor on his stomach and watches 

dusty looks to his dresser, we horrifying screams. 

dusty looks violent 

shouting and more the bed. a signed-framed photo of an 11-year-old boy lies on the your cage smells. 

the and sniffs. 


nightmare on elm street 5: the volume knob and cranks it 

up so          fade to black.  crashes. 

dusty reaches for the everywhere. batman sheets 

line dream child. 

this is dusty as a filthy.  

we hear another loud hamster continues to run. 

     childhood bedroom – fifteen years 


toys are scattered it runs on its 

wheel. the cage is fade in: 

int. dusty’s noises from the 

other room.  

 his knees and shimmies over 

to it toward the sounds, sighs, brings hear the muffled sounds of 

glass and rests his head in front of the child. 

through the walls we loud that it crackles. the sounds


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