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Broken Bulbs Cut-Up 4: this car is not the dashboard

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Care. I’m alive. I’m floor. bonnie rushes it!


she yells.

I’m writing laughs. you’re the seat.

I press the music. “I know it! break to pieces. it’s pedal against the bonnie!”

“go faster!” she screams as she I look into her settles back into her chases after me, apartment. bonnie love with alive. miles an hour but in love. I’m alive and reentering the have the best one, floor and push the love movies, ya know! gonna burn up. I don’t 

this car is not the dashboard.  

“this is the one!” I I’m in love and I’m in it on the desk and ‘87 toyota death-box. eighty miles an hour. her arms around my slaps on the side. it toward her and I lose reply.


I busted monitor on the I’m doing eighty in an I love them! I fucking 

there’s so much to gives it two sharp I drop into the chair. steady the I burst through the laughing all the way. gotta keep moving! I tiny beast. we jump meant to do. this is bonnie lights a she’s amazing. cigarette, sits on the control of the car. wrap my pinky around in, picks it up, sets good. keyboard. 

dusty is it gonna be? she door and notice the neck. she pulls me whack-job! she yells. wind and blasting gotta keep going! I death-box.

she pinky in my direction. mystery! fuckin’ atmosphere. it’s gonna 

“whoa!” I yell as I top speed, any more know like, bad guys a smack habit that’s 

fuck yeah I’m gonna mismatched eyes and at her thighs, get a tingle and attack the 

bonnie’s feet are on pops back to life and shout over the rushing to her knees and wraps the thing is shaking and good guys and best one, frank! 

“I little rusted junker this is the good one!” that’s what I’m doing. it so much…stuff! ya hers.

“promise!”   the screenplay! I to eighty-six. this is 

bonnie lets out a legs. 

I sneak a peek bed and crosses her stick with and it’s toast.  it!

you gonna stick 

we pull into my holds out an extended maniacal laugh, jumps complex and park the everything! this is out and I sprint to my meant to go eighty like a chihuahua with what I’ve always been with it? she asks. love them!

you’re a


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