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BROKEN BULBS Cut-Up 3: he never wanted to play in the nothing

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The evening but I simply covered it and for a second I think she’s going to sprout a bit of a grin, “what tooth? tooth?” bonnie asks.

I relax and that he never wanted to play in the nothing. 

I close my eyes and breathe it’s like the first time every time. tongue. 

and she slams the applicator how thrilled I get every time I see it. allow. “please, just load me up, it looks like one of those epi-pens bonnie…okay?”

bonnie sits up straight “you shouldn’t make it so good.”

she carry around. it’s off-white and all-too-familiar “inspicorp” happy bullseye of my heart, “you. are. not. congratulating his boy for a close but on the ceiling. if I can no longer see spit covered thumb. every muscle in my about that right now. I’m not even sure and sighs, fine…”

she unrolls the I have a serious infection that’ll “you got it bad now, huh?”

I sigh. head and looks into my eyes. “that’s as deep as my pathetic lungs will the way norman bates holds a butcher soften the brain tissue or something. in the barrel. it looks a like a that kids with peanut or bee allergies always says that just before the quickly tousles my hair like a father wound and sniffs some gunk. her head a small leather zip-up case. like the.

my mouth fills with saliva as bonnie violently tears the medical tape and chunks of my dirty-blonde greasiness knife and grabs my face like his mother head. 

“does this hurt?” she abyss on the right side of my forehead. 

she laughs. “ready?”

I nod.

she probably kill me. but I can’t think 

“I think I’ll load you up real good skin sounds like leather.”

“how’s the the sign, the problem ceases to be. preparing to wipe away a smudge with a crustacean in seventh grade biology. paper bag, reaches inside and pulls out bad?”


“awwww, poor little”

“is it bad?” I ask.

bonnie gently precision that they land right in the draws her arm back. 

she bites her she unzips and I see the applicator. bloody stain on the bandage around my good one? cuz I need a good one.  cartoon light bulb logo. I’ve since clutches it in her hand. she holds it body tenses to the point of explosion. clear-green globule locked and loaded named him bulbereno.

I see the little she stares into the oozing, puss-filled slides her finger along the edge of the if I care right now.

“just load me up, into the wound.”

I feel it working patches the giant hole in the material carving tools you get when you have to off my hat and places her hand over the kind that’s filled with various dull gauze away from my head, pulling large implantation. buttering me up must jerks back like someone tugged on her “check engine” light came on earlier in first place. 

“you’re so friggin’ with it.”

“holy cowboy!” she shouts as this time, okay?

“is it gonna be a cute,” she says.


"she this.”

“I know…” I say. 

she leans in already. dissect a frog or some kind of my car smells like a running chainsaw. 

we’re in the back seat. bonnie yanks I squeeze my fists so tight that my no cigar effort in some organized sport closer, so close our noses nearly touch reins. “this shit fuckin’ stinks, radioactive vitamin e. I can’t believe it’s about the size of a candy bar and with a piece of the duct tape that kiss me, but I’m wrong again. she says not up to me baby-boy, you know okay?” I ask her.

bonnie chuckles. it’s disgusting and unhealthy. “the man!” she says.

"there’s no doubt that bonnie places her hand on top of my kitten-face…” she says with a pout then asks.




how adorned with what has now become the those same four words with such.


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