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Broken Bulbs Cut-Up 2: the waitress slides me the tingle

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From the pack and hands it to me. like, a shit-load of maple syrup and wonder if she would think of it as gum.

“I feel weird.”  

“oh yeah?” puberty shriek.    

bonnie gently they drop out of his nose. one but I always hope for it. I think woolen cap. “what’s the deal?” she eyes.

“okay…sorry… I’m very happy sluggish.”  the waitress raises an seconds the world makes sense. I goofy grin. will you put it in wires transferring invisible the downloading process. she knows what color my eyes are all the should’ve gotten some cheese fries this. she knows everything. she I’m trying not to picture it but I  “I’m blind as a fucking bat shittiest of shit-eating grins, you one that’s there right now, the one awesome!”  

oh no kid! that’s bad to the movies. I wonder if we’d going. it always does this when my away, “what?” she says hardly you know I’m going to say yes.   head and we sit silently for a beat dart to the bloodied bandage on my throw up. so I’m gonna throw up. eyes go wide and for about four this is a good thing. a nice black lettering. she enticingly focus on anything anymore. her face badness. I do. she smiles.   

I’m gonna throw up. I’m gonna the table and pops a zippo at my burning butt from the ashtray and what you’re asking me…    

she too.   

“but my brain feels like—” same time, bonnie says.  bored. I spit the skin onto the brain tells my stomach that it’s tell you every time.  put it in whispers.  “oh yeah!” the waitress my eyes.


“so every time I show her. I haven’t finished this stuff, frank!” 

“who cares?”  says with a smile.  

I shake my it’s cool. he loves them. he loves lines all over her face. blood shot the waitress says.  “he’s dark. know there’s some kind of conduit ashtray on the table. she loves to holds back the giggles.” it was “I can’t, bonnie.”   you can’t about this. I always dream it. I was my girlfriend. like my man. his name is probably niko and did you lose? are you really blue or slims growl.   

bonnie smiles the out a brown paper lunch bag with through my mind but I can’t seem to attracted to me. I know she’s not it. she’s like a phone tap.  my seems nice though.

“what can I bethy.  I’m talkin’ two or three know there’s a connection now. I constantly rejecting myself or cigarette, but I don’t smoke and I face is going to tear from my listening to me?” I shout.   

like lightning bolts all while my head is—  I care frank! life waitress replies.  “oh my gosh, our show. I wonder if she would about eyes right now. I just don’t something.”  do you want words.  the waitress slides me the tingle.   

I rest the smoke next to me tingle.   tell ya what sighs. “I’ll be back with drinks.” rub your back? bonnie says.  that matters.   “which one?” I seriously…I feel like I’m head.  

I always wear my grab them. slippery, slippery bites her tongue, playing cool. do “see, you didn’t even cough that don’t reject those, baby-boy,” she she looks at me for a beat and the way she’s wanted me all along watch every week together. I the information as it’s sent from my dropped into his oatmeal. bonnie have the thing or not?   

me! I say impatiently.   

“no. I have the mindset. I can’t—”  that’s why I’m into him. it’s hot, but bonnie is charming. I was uncomfortable on purpose. when I’m phlegm-drenched chuckle that the mouthful. I hate cigarettes.  contact. here… she stretches across anyway. she bites her thumb nail never get enough right?  the bonnie pauses. “she’s giving us free seriously, will you?”  

“oh frank! your mouth,” she says. her left eye bonnie quickly turns to me. “I meet with you, you give me a strongest and blackest. all at the thing.”  

“christ…” I sigh as running between us now. the seeds I can barely breathe on my own. surgery and he can’t wait to die. I always ask.    

“franky-boy!” she says like she’s uncomfortable. she is a master of brown?   

“well you should know,” for me? I ask.  


looks to bonnie for help.    refuse to tell you.    “fine.”   budge. not for a second. she stares the real one.    pause.    invisible tube with invisible “will you?”   what is this like can’t help it. she knows I’m getting foot is tapping. the table is paying attention to me. 

I think balance and I’m more susceptible to doesn’t always give you free stuff. begin but bonnie jumps in again.  eyes and yellow-yellow teeth. she before my leg did. she can access chops me off. he has tumors all brain. she can see my thoughts. I wonder if she wants me. and not bonnie launches daggers from her that’s not always there, would be she says.  “how?” I say. I can’t says smugly.   

“c’mon! while she stares. she’s making me time!” she’s delighted. that’s all would put my picture in a frame. I leg moves faster as my nerves fire is blue. the right one is brown. frank fisher written on it in thick smile a lot. I wonder if there bethy! you are truly god’s gift to time to throw up. I feel the unlit cigarette in my palm.     

“oh no kid! that’s bad news too!” sweat-stache. sunken stuff and cancer carl in school. sometimes no food bethy. no food for me bethy. cancer carl. foods on me. tonight floor.  

“awwwww!” bonnie mocks me. forehead barely covered by my “what?!?” I yelp in a peter brady look at me. “food?”   

no bethy. six decades straight, easy. serious needs a lotta energy. he’s the flame.  I take a drag and exhale you want me to give you your bag?” and spits the half moon into the scribbling in her pad. she snaps a statement should be obvious to me. pancakes! she says.  “are you some skin from next to my thumb nail wonder if she would yell at me for walls of my throat. it’s time to the food service industry!”  the every bit. fill my lungs with the me. I know she wants me to inhale is going blurry, then sharpening, mad. she knows I’m scared. she knows and chew it like a tiny piece of colors, I say.   

“I lost a what?”   

“I can’t start thinking nasty teeth and lean the tip into getcha?” she says in a virginia could bring my boy here three cockeyed, what a weirdo glance and my shirt pocket and smirk.  knew this was going to happen even at the table. she’s been working asks.  “oh this, I—”  bonnie my eyes are coals, burning my brain. would let me keep clothes at her raise my head and hit her with a “tuuuuuummmooooorssssss,” bonnie over his brain.

they call him behind her ear.  which contact and tosses it in front of me.  my waitress nods.  “I also want asks as she scratches her temple lots of things.  her eyes don’t was. I don’t know. all I am now is a  yeah. itchy and annoyed…and he’s smiling at me.  

“your news!” the waitress says with god’s another cigarette?  

I lift the eating breakfast and a tumor I wasn’t around. I wonder if I could about the free stuff.    

“good.” she slides a piece of her dyed, jet- “you know I don’t smoke.” I hold an nerves pop. it’s pumping and my about what it would be like if she  “I am so profoundly unhappy.”  

before she answers the waitress is I’ll eat cigarettes. words float think I’m gonna throw up, I say.  time…I mean two times, we were knows that I’m picturing her pubic “k,” the waitress mutters while  “okay…”   

so you should know of course I do, but for some reason, the nail. “so you got it?”


“bad news kid, bad news.” charming once, I think. I think I she’s not serious but this too makes  my hands tremble.

“I don’t know eagerly grab the bag, unroll the eightieth time you’ve changed?” she face.

I put the smoke between my bonnie says all sexy-like. I know “that’s a lotta caffeine.”

he’s ask.   “which what?” she says as shakes it next to her smirking face have created some kind of politely recalls and shakes her and I hate the way they taste.  with the tip of her click-pen hair right now. she’s gonna get  she watches the waitress walk you eat on my dime.  bonnie’s black hair away from her eye and we would do. I wonder if we’d go bonnie shoots it a look then locks then blurring again. I feel like my blob-like iced tea climbing the honest concern.   

“it’s—” I long pull this time. bonnie watches do this. she knows it makes me honestly causes me to dry heave.  eyebrow in my direction. her eyes shaking. the ketchup bottle and speaking to a dog.  just tell eyes off me. she makes me she would tape the show for me if 

“…for later.”   

I drop it into uncomfortable my mind is off “oh shut your fucking trap!”  adorned with a speedo-clad muscle contacts, she says as if this top and look inside.   

you’re dozen sausages. pile up the porky jaw nearly hits the table. oh my entire plate covered in sausages, reaches into her pocket and pulls I’m gonna— I try to repeat.  but I wonder if she really, really gosh, waitress!  

“bethy,” the not calling her. I wonder if she one yet.  

“here…” she pulls one such a sucker, she says.   

I shit. I’m fried. I’m a french fry. brain to my leg. I know she can do your eyes are two different and like five hundred I hate cigarettes. they smell “who cares?”  

yes. who cares! my nervous.  and now my leg gets interesting. I always fantasize discomfort. I wonder what she’s coffees. “three?” the waitress  “glorious!” bonnie shouts.   

I “why…antsy?”  

“a little.” I bite bonnie skims her menu. I’ll have an directly into the center of my time.  

“okay…”   and whatever same thing as vitamin c, you can house. I wonder if she would rub make her things. I wonder if she my back when I threw up. I wonder wants me. I wonder if she’s grinded up pig parts is like the  

but…I really need to know if you information. she’s downloading me thinking. I wonder if she thinks I’m a glass of water with lemon. would be a tv show that we would I know. take a big puff.  

a or two. bonnie never takes her waitress let’s out a nauseating, ever let me touch her. I wonder if real-deal girlfriend. I wonder what sugar packets are vibrating. she throw up…  

so do you want me to protein I say.

I mean, to me


Stay tuned for 3.