A Tyranny of the Muse graphic novel? You know it.

Artist Dave Chisholm and I are working through a brand new edition of Tyranny of the Muse. Tyranny was a series of individual issues (5 of 'em). But now we're putting it together as one massive graphic novel.

The story is being partially redrawn, re-edited, and expanded into a full-on graphic novel with all new story and art. This is the way I always intended for it to be and I couldn't more jazzed about the whole thing.

Have a look at some brand new pages illustrated by Dave and written by me. These aren't in order. But they're pretty sweet.


We're currently looking for a home for the Tyranny graphic novel. So if you dig this stuff and want to see more, drop me a line.

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Last chance to get Tyranny of the Muse 1-4 in print (plus some news)

The first 4 issues of the current run of my comic series Tyranny of the Muse are going out of print. So now's the time to snap up some copies as they will never be printed in this form again.

I have a limited quantity of each issue, so hop on it, because once they're gone, they're gone.

But what does this mean? Does it mean Tyranny of the Muse is dead? Far from it, friendo. Tyranny of the Muse is not only not dead, it's more alive than it's ever been. Tyranny of the Muse will be re-launched as a graphic novel. This is how the story was originally meant to be read. So it's been a long time coming. And not only that, but the wonderful Dave Chisholm (artist of issues 3-5) is re-drawing what was originally the first 2 issues of the comic so the art is consistent and flows nicely from chapter to chapter.

I'm super excited for the next step in this thing. And I think you'll dig it too. I'll post more on this very soon.

But for now, get these super limited comics right here.

Read the complete Tyranny of the Muse #5

The final page of Tyranny of the Muse #5, the comic series I created/write, is up at Study Group Comics. Head over there to read the whole issue now. If you need to catch up, you can read the previous 4 here

I'm really proud of this issue. I'm so happy with the work Dave Chisholm did on the art. I think it's the best one yet.

It'll be hitting print and digital in the next couple of months.

Click the thing to read the whole thing.

Read Tyranny of the Muse #5

Tyranny of the Muse #5 is now serializing on Study Group Comics. In this issue, we learn how Frank and Bonnie got together. It's a good one. Lots of teeth get brushed.

Click this awesome cover to read the first 5 pages and check back every Friday for a new one.

I'm very proud of this issue. Dave Chisholm is delivering his best art yet. I hope you dig it. 

If you need to catch up on the series, you can read the first four issues here