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A Tyranny of the Muse graphic novel? You know it.

Artist Dave Chisholm and I are working through a brand new edition of Tyranny of the Muse. Tyranny was a series of individual issues (5 of 'em). But now we're putting it together as one massive graphic novel.

The story is being partially redrawn, re-edited, and expanded into a full-on graphic novel with all new story and art. This is the way I always intended for it to be and I couldn't more jazzed about the whole thing.

Have a look at some brand new pages illustrated by Dave and written by me. These aren't in order. But they're pretty sweet.


We're currently looking for a home for the Tyranny graphic novel. So if you dig this stuff and want to see more, drop me a line.

Follow me and Dave on Instagram for more teases as this project progresses.