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559 songs I liked in 2017

Here are a ton of songs I enjoyed in 2017. 21st century technology has turned me into a massive shuffler. I love when everything is mixed up. When a power pop song from the '80s is followed by an experimental ambient track which is then followed by some dreamy indie rock which is then followed by a classical song which is then followed by a country tune. I love the whiplash.

So at the start of each year, I create a Spotify playlist called "Songs I Like" and proceed to dump stuff into it as I discover it. I usually find songs from other Spotify playlists, movies, recommendations from friends, blogs like Aquarium Drunkard, the incredible freeform radio station WFMU, and other places. There's a lot of good in here, I think.

By the way, I listened to a lot of Craig Finn in 2017 and you should too. He's the best storyteller going.