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"Jester & June" by Craig Finn

Craig Finn is one of my favorite performers of all time. I love his band The Hold Steady but his solo stuff is probably my most frequently listened to music of the past few years. He's one the greatest storytellers writing songs today. Each of his songs are like Raymond Carver stories set to music. His characters are so complete and real.

"Jester & June" from his latest album "We All Want the Same Things" is one of his best. It's a wonderful story about a couple of ne'er-do-wells who are trying to reclaim their old nicknames.

Huge inspiration.

We put too much faith
Gave too much cash
To that one creepy kid at the car wash
He said he could make a few calls
But I don’t think he made any calls

Well we probably should have tried the guy with the Dracula cape
Because other than the cape he was cool
He had that wild kind of sadness
Like he was something important
I wonder if he even remembers
They used to call us Junebug and Jester
They used to call us Jester and June