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Regular Show: Wrasslesplosion is in stores now

I wrote the side-story in the newest Regular Show original graphic novel WRASSLEPSLOSION. It's all about pro wrestling. The main story (by Ryan Ferrier, Laura Howell, and Fred Stresing) involves Mordecai and Rigby doing battle in the land of Pound Town where wrestling is all there is. The story I wrote is called "The Comeback." It's 20 pages and about the guys meeting Mordecai's hero -- the washed-up, overly clingy pro wrestler Don Dynamo. I had a great time writing it. This all-ages stuff is really fun. Elle Power did the art, Lisa Moore colored it, and Warren Montgomery lettered it. They did awesome jobs.

It's now available in comic shops and ComiXology. It'll be on Amazon July 4.

Here's a preview. Go get the whole thing.