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Korsakoff Blight is out now

KORSAKOFF BLIGHT, my new novel is now available for Amazon Kindle. It's just $2.99. If you've dug anything that I've written, you'll definitely dig this one. It's weird, funny, sad, dark, weird, and weird. I'm proud of it.

Click the cover to get it. And if you do, please review it. That'll really help.


What do a troubled writer, a clueless private eye, a dead guy, and a kid who’s perpetually doing battle with a psychotic murderer have in common? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. In KORSAKOFF BLIGHT, these four characters explore the origins of fiction, storytelling, and creativity in a strange, yet deceptively simple setting that echoes the work of Philip K. Dick, Franz Kafka, Charlie Kaufman, and David Lynch. 

Korsakoff Blight is a writer. So was his father, whose name was also Korsakoff Blight. When the elder Blight dies and leaves his house to his estranged son, Korsakoff Jr. embarks on bizarre journey into the center of the creative soul, all while wrestling with the specter of a lost father.

What does it mean to be an artist? What does it mean to be a husband? What does it mean to be a father? What does it mean to be a creator? What does it mean to created? What does it mean to be anything? Part existential mystery, part surrealistic nightmare, part coming-of-age comedy, KORSAKOFF BLIGHT by author Eddie Wright (Broken Bulbs, Tyranny of the Muse, Regular Show) is a complicated, fast-paced, and unique take on the philosophical quandaries that plague us all.