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Favorite movies of 2017

Pretty solid list, I think. Just looking at the top 5, I can see all the themes that I try to explore in my own writing: grief, absurdity, dysfunction, art, obsession, and generally just being a fuck up. Those are 5 remarkable movies that I'll probably revisit quite a bit through the years.

As of this writing, I still haven't seen The Square, The Florida Project, Call Me By Your Name, Lucky, Phantom Thread, The Post, A Ghost Story, War for the Planet of the Apes, and a few others that could possibly be on this list. If I see any of them in the next 11 days, and am blown away, I might very well update this thing.

If you want to see all 115 movies I watched (and rewatched) this year, check out my Letterboxd. You can follow me there as I embark on another year of sitting down and watching lots of stuff.