Lake Imago #1 is now available

Lake Imago #1, a new horror comic by Jamaica Dyer and myself is now available in print and digital. Click the cover to get it.

Following a family tragedy, sisters Belle and Poppy along with childhood friend Pris head out on a camping trip for some stress-free fun. When Belle nearly drowns she undergoes a drastic, supernatural shift in personality that may cost the other two their lives.

Combining the coming-of-age terror of It Follows with the mystery of Paper Girls, Lake Imago from artist Jamaica Dyer (Weird FishesFox Head Stew) and writer Eddie Wright (Tyranny of the MuseRegular Show) is equal parts horrific, human, and hilarious.

"Haunting and yet deeply thoughtful, Lake Imago is an immensely promising study of depression and grief..."

Nick Hanover, Loser City

"The strength of Lake Imago is that whatever monstrosities may come in subsequent issues may, perhaps, emulate the missteps and damage of childhood and child-rearing. "

Daniel Elkin, Your Chicken Enemy

"I love everything about it."

- Christopher Sebela, writer of We(l)come Back and High Crimes

"We can tell from just this issue that this is going to be one hell of a horror series."


If you get it and read it and like it, please spread the word by tweeting and facebooking and snapchatting and instagramming and whatever else you can do. Just post about it on all your things. We're really proud of the comic and this is just the beginning.