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Chrysalis #0 and SF Zine Fest

Jamaica Dyer and myself will have copies of Chrysalis #0 on hand at SF Zine Fest this weekend (8/30, 8/31) so you should totally stop by our table and say things and buy things. 

Chrysalis #0 is a fun magazine that features a preview of our upcoming horror comic Chrysalis, a bunch of awesome art by Jamaica, and a couple of horror stories by me. 

In case you missed it, Chrysalis is about:

Following a family tragedy, three young women, (Belle, Poppy, and Pris) embark on a camping trip. When Belle, the youngest, nearly drowns, she undergoes a drastic, supernatural shift in personality that may cost the other two their lives.

My stories in Chrysalis #0 are pretty dark and nuts have not been published anywhere, so you're getting first dibs if you grab one of these limited suckers. 

In addition to Chrysalis, I'll be shilling some final copies of Tyranny 1, new buttons, stickers, and more. 

If you can make it, you should make it. 

Zine Fest details:

Saturday 08/30: 11am - 5pm
Sunday 08/31: 11am - 4pm

San Francisco County Fair Building

1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way 
(in Golden Gate Park)