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Please welcome Dave Chisholm to Tyranny of the Muse

I'm very excited to announce that artist Dave Chisholm will be bringing his talents to Tyranny of the Muse #3. 

Tyranny #3 will be a bit of stylistic shift as we focus the story on Bonnie in her years before she met Frank and became the inspiration-dealing "muse" she is.

Tyranny #2 is still going strong over at Study Group. You can read new installments each and every week. Jesse Balmer is killing it.

Once 2 wraps up, I'll be releasing it in print/digital, along with a new edition of Tyranny #1, and then we'll get Tyranny #3 in front of you guys. Dave has already turned in some great pages and I think you'll dig it. 

Tyranny of the Muse is growing into a much more layered and deep story than I originally intended when I wrote Broken Bulbs and I'm very excited for you to see what's coming for Frank, Bonnie, Dusty, and the rest of the troubled gang.

Here's a look at a panel from Tyranny of the Muse #3:

Bonnie, before she met Frank.