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Redbubble is an art marketplace that gives artists an opportunity to make some cash and customers a way to find something super specific and weirdly meaningful. I worked on to make inboxes, job searches, and social media more bearable. I did concepts, execution, and copy.




I wrote, produced, and co-directed several video projects for Redbubble. Have a look at some good ones.

RBTV is a series of videos that explain every facet of the company for investors. I wrote and produced over a dozen of these things.

How in the ever living heck do you use a Redbubble Tapestry? This video has a few pretty fun ideas.

What will Redbubble’s app look like in the future? We produced this video to find out. It’s pretty much a crystal ball.

We made this video as a holiday gift to thank Redbubble’s artist community for a super successful year.


Creative Director: Chas McFeely

Art Director: Sharmini Subramaniam

Visual Designers: Minhee Lee, Julia Gringas, Alice Carroll

Producers: Kristen Coast & Danielle Wood

ACD/Copywriter: Eddie Wright (that's me)