A writer of things.



A writer of things.

I’ve written scripts. I’ve written ads. I’ve published novels. I’ve produced videos. I’ve created comics. I’ve conducted interviews. I’ve written op-eds. I’ve blogged. I’ve done pretty much everything you can do with words and stuff as an associate creative director, author, and comic book writer.

Associate creative director/copywriter: I specialize in crafting witty, humorous, and authentic things. I’ve managed teams, leading creative campaigns from concept to production to delivery across multiple channels. Focus on brand voice, consistency, and storytelling.

Author: I wrote and published the surreal novels Korsakoff Blight and Broken Bulbs. Another is on the way.

Comic writer: I'm the creator and writer of the graphic novel Tyranny of the Muse, contributor to Regular Show (based on the Cartoon Network series, and writer of Lake Imago.

I’ve worked with MTV, CBS, Redbubble, BOOM! Studios, Alternative Comics, and others.

I'm originally from New Jersey and currently live in San Francisco.

Fun fact: I was once berated by two actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation. A high and low point for sure.

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